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"Crystal Blue Persuasion"
The Blue Shih Tzu

Shih Tzus come in variable colors, and any and all colors are acceptable by AKC standards. Most recently AKC has included the color "Blue" as one of it's recognizable color standard in Shih Tzu.
A "Blue" Shih Tzu is so called, because of the colors of their points, (lips, eye rims, nose, ears and pads.)Their coat is not necessarily blue, as they may have a grey, cream,or  pewter, black color coat with a bluish cast.Their eyes are usually light blue in color.
Because of the rarity of the "Blue" Shih Tzu, they are  gaining in popularity and highly prized.
I find myself extremely fortunate to have one in my possession, out of our last home bred litter.I am pleased to share pictures with you, as she is growing up.
"Crystal Blue Persuasion"  "Our True Blue Shih Tzu"
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