Shih Tzu Haircuts
The one thing I love about the Shih Tzu breed is their long flowing
coats. The one thing I don't like about the Shih Tzu breed is their long
flowing coats. I know  that's an oxymoron. Let me explain, first of all I
think there is nothing lovelier than a Shih Tzu in full coat, and hair
pulled up on the top of their heads in a topknot, that being said, for me,
it is not always practical since I own more than one. I know  a lot of  
Shih Tzu owners  who  feel the same way.
It takes a considerable amount of time to brush one out, bathe , blow
dry, brush them out again, put in the top knot, clean their eyes, cut
their nails, etc. So for practical reasons I chose to minimize  the
grooming time by  having their hair cut in a cute shorter style.

I set out to find  haircut styles that would expediate their grooming
routine, would be pleasing to look at, and at the same time reflect their
own individual personalities.  I discovered  that there was not a
specific web site you could go to to see what options were available.
This page is an effort to provide such information. As well as providing
links and pictures of my own dogs, in different cuts and looks, I am In
the process of developing a more comprehensive resource page for
Shih Tzu haircuts. I am currently accepting submissions from Shih Tzu
breeders/owners, for our upcoming "Shih Tzu Makeover" picture
If you think your Shih Tzu has a look that would be appreciated by
other Shih Tzu lovers, and you would like to share, then I invite you to
submit your picture for consideration.

If you are interested in participating, see the
"Shih Tzu Makeover Gallery Submission Guidelines"
Clipart Page Created By
Rhonda Fox
We decided to go  with the "Fu
Manchu " look where his body hair
was cut
very short, but his tail, beard,
and ears were left very long.
Sometimes this cut is called the "Lion
A little more length on the
top, ears long, beard shorter.
Rascal with his ears cut
Rascal with his beard short
Rascal, short top, body and beard
The following, are links I have found helpful, in providing a variety of pictures of
different cuts and styles and options:
Owner :Melody
McKinney Newport,
Name : Lily
Rescued from a puppy
"She nuzzles her head
against your chest, and
wraps her arms around
your neck, almost like
she was a child"
Owner: Kelley
Thomas Stevenson
Name: Sofie
Sofie is sporting
Shih Tzu Haircut Submissions
The beginning of what we hope will be many submissions
The Many Looks of Rascal
The following, are pictures of  my dogs, or dogs I have owned with various haircuts
Zoey's Different Looks
Full Coat
Body shaved down works
best when she has had a litter, or in
Crystal Blue's Different Looks
Full Coat
Trimmed down
Beany's Different Looks
No top knot , trimmed around
eyes and nose
Trimmed down
Owner: Bob and
Linda Bakersfield
Name: Misty Lynn
Misty's first
haircut.Take a
look where her
topknot would be,
She has sort of  a
little mohawk going
on there..
Owner:Julia D.B. Fellas   Fort St. John
Name: Oreo
"I call this one the cowboy clip"
Full Coat
The following pictures were submitted by:
Debbie Melone
Bark Bath and Beyond Boutique
1090 US Hwy 68
Benton, Ky. 42025
270 703 0060
Debbie is a groomer as well as a fellow Shih Tzu
Debbie's Shih Tzu "Cassie"
"Sassy" Debbie refers to this look as
"My Pretty Pony"
Debbie's "Angel". She says, some people refer
to this cut as the pantaloon trim, or  cowboy,
but she refers to it as bellbottoms
As a groomer, Debbie says there are no standardized names for certain trims, different groomers call  trims
by different names. So if you were to take your Tzu in to a grooming shop and ask for,  say, a cowboy trim,
they may very well not know what you are referring to , because they  might know it as a pantaloon
trim.That is why one picture is worth a thousand words.
"Aspen" With the Geisha Look
"Chopper" Kennel Cut
Variations of "Teddy Bear "faces
shaved ears and
rounded beard
Before and After
Owner : Marty & Janis
Lebanon, Or.
Name : Mario
Mario is a joy to be with, he is
such a happy little guy! He
loves playing with his 'cousins'
Max and Pixie
"For this cut, I searched the web and printed several pictures of Shih tzu's, drew
circles around what I liked about each picture and gave it to our groomer.She did an
amazing job and deserves credit...Affordable Grooming, Lebanon, Or"
Owner :Jennifer Fite
Lancaster, Ca.
Name :Oscar
"Ocar loves his squeeky.
He carries it all over the
house, even upstairs to
Zoey with a "Teddy Bear"
This page
has so many
pictures, it  
takes a little
time to load,
thank you
for your
Owner: Patti Baker
London Ontario,
Name: Shelby
Extremely friendly and
wonderful personality
Owner : Tara Cendrowski
Defiance, Ohio
Name : Dexter
" He was raised w/3 cats and
although he growls and barks at
them he seems to be taking on a
cat-like personality. He can jump up
on the couch and often lays in the
window or on the back of a couch"
Owner :Stephanie Price
Pekin, Indianna
Name :Abby
6 months old and weighs
only 2.8 lbs. She is  
cuddly and loves to play.
As active as she is it is  
hard to keep her
groomed so I  tried the
shaved look. I don't think
I'll try it again but as usual
she looks adorable!
The video titled
"How I Keep my
Shih Tzus Face
Trimmed Between
Groomers Visits"
has been moved.
For this and other
DIY grooming
videos please click

Owner :Gabbie Chapa
Riverside, Ca.
Name :Lucky
Lucky is sweet,
lovable,smart and
unique, he is a very
special member of our

Note from Cindy: Checkout his unique face trim in second pic, chin beard
cut short,  moustache left long. Kind of reminds me of "Yosemite Sam". I
love it! I especially like this face trim for a male or if your Shih Tzu's  
beard is prone to staining.
Owner : Stephanie Stewart
Birmingham Alabama
Name Cookie Monster
"She loves to take her dog
cookies or treats and hide them
in my purse. She has a spunky
personality that sets her apart
from any other Shih Tzu. I am
so glad to have her and I hope
her puppies will have her
Looks like  "Cookie Monster's"
body is cut short with a little
more length left on the legs.
This is a first haircut for both
the puppy and the owner/
Longer ears
For his first haircut, we just had the top
knot cut off, and kept his beard and
body coat long.
Owner : Lisa Reed
Winter Springs, Fl
Name : Hannah
Hannah is an exceptional doggie.  She
is so precious, sweet and cuddly that I
find it difficult to not constantly hug and
kiss on her!  She loves her schnauzer
brother and they love to watch for
squirrels running along the top of the
backyard fence while they run and
bark at them.  The squirrels sometimes
peer over the fence to tease them on
purpose I think.  
Owner :Phillip Williams
Nova Scotia
Name :Gizzy
Gizzy is very quiet and affectionate.
Loves his runs in the park with other
dogs. He loves being cradled like a
baby and rocked to sleep.
Owner :Julian
Name :Bandit
Bandit loves ice cream!
Owner: Cindy
Bakersfield, Ca
Name: JuBee
JuBee has two top knots
Owner :Leanne Adams Cranbrook, BC
Name :Bella
This is the sweetest, most affectionate dog
ever!! With her sweet cuddly nature and
unique coloring, I have to let her have one
litter to share the joy she brings us
Body cut down . Hair on legs
left longer
Body hair a little longer. Head
more rounded. Ears shorter
Body and legs shaved down.
Ears shorter
Rocky's Different Looks
Shaved down everything except
ears and tail
Same dog different haircut
Owner :Cindy
Bakersfield Ca.
Name :Papi   
Pronounced  Paaw Pee
My little Papi has an  awesome
amount of hair. But alas it has
proven too much for me to
manage. The worst part is he
manages to get urine on
himself., causing this adorable
little guy to stink. So he will be
going in for his first trim. The
after pictures are on the right.
( same dog different color
depending on the lighting)
I asked my groomer to shave his body down. (She
used a #7 blade) but to leave his legs natural and to
leave his head full and leave the top knot. I am
extremely pleased  with the results. Thank you Terry
at Bowser Boutique.I am hoping that this cut will
rectify the urine problem.

I was not quite ready to let go of all his long hair yet.
Essentially he looks the same from the front and the
back (only neater). It is just a different look from the
side. And I  don't have to hassle with all that body
hair, making his grooming much more manageable.

I have seen this cut before and have used variations of
it on my other dogs. For me it works quite well..
Animal Planet's Beverly Hills Groomer,  Artist Knox
uses a variation of this cut on his own  Shih Tzu
"Bumpy Johnson" and it is becoming very popular.
Variations of this cut would be no topknot, head cut
down, shorter length on the legs, cutting down the
chest, variations I might one day  try.
The links below will take you to a  groomers
forum, I have included them primarily for the
wealth of pictures they have to offer. There is also
a lot of conversation on grooming which may or
may not be of benefit to you

The one thing I have learned in researching for this  page about Shih
Tzu haircuts is that there is no universal name for cuts, or styles for the
Shih Tzu. Unlike us, where we can refer to a cut or style we want by a
name such as  bob, shag, flip etc.( Even then there are variants) The
only exception might be a puppy cut which indicates about  1 inch- 2
inch length all over,  and some kind of variation of a teddy bear face
which indicates a rounded head.
Your best bet is to find a picture of a Shih Tzu that is appealing to you
and you think would compliment your Shih Tzu personality , and ask  
your groomer to duplicate it.
Or, if you want to be more creative,you can create your own custom
look  for your dog by taking different variants and combining them
Some variants you might want to consider is length of ears, rounded
beard  or squared off beard. top knot?, fullness of the legs, how short
on the body etc. Another thing to consider is  quality of coat, not all
Shih Tzus are created equal. When you put all these  different variants
together you will be coming up with a  unique custom look for your
dog.  And hey if you are not totally pleased with the outcome this time,
remember it's only hair and it will grow back. and you can try
something different next time. Pretty soon you will find  a look that is  
your Shih Tzu.
Sweet, Cute and Cuddly Pups
Sweet, Cute and Cuddly Pups
Sweet, Cute and Cuddly Pups
Sweet, Cute and Cuddly Pups
Sweet, Cute and Cuddly Pups
Our Rascal is getting on in
age, but there is nothing like a
fresh groom to revitalize him
and put a spring in his step. He
not only looks better but you
can tell he feels better.
This is Artist Knox and his Shih Tzu "Bumpy Johnson" If you click on to his video link
below , you can see this Shih Tzu cut a lot better.
Owner: Dawn Metzdorf
Cadott, Wisconsin
Name :Rascel
Rascel is a friendly , loving
dog, and loves to play ball.
Available: "Free" Two Videos
demonstrating"How to  DIY",
complete Shih Tzu Haircut.  
Posted on  our
Body shaved, legs and chest left
The latest and hottest trend for dogs is Japanese dog grooming. The look is defined by
shorter, rounded chin, and softer rounded lines on the face. The legs are sometimes left
full and fluffy giving the Shih Tzu, a somewhat whimsical appearance, kind of
resembling a  plush toy.  Here are some examples of the look.
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