Comments  from our Sweet, Cute, and
Cuddly Shih Tzu Owners
From Sean and Tammy Dodge:

We feel very fortunate that she (Tink) came from such a
loving home, you can really tell in her dispositon. She is
such a good girl. Thank you so much for taking such
good care of her. We couldn't be happier with her. :)

I thought I would share these pictures of the girls meeting
Tink for the first time, She is adjusting very well, and she
is so good! She is just so sweet. We hope you had a
wonderful Christmas!

Hi Cindy,

Thank you so much for sending the updated pictures!
She really is adorable, and I am so happy we put a
deposit down when we did. We were very confident
when we left Sunday that we chose the right breeder
(and puppy) thank you again for meeting with us.
Kelly Thomas:

Just wanted you to know Our family is in love!!!! The
vote is still out, but we are liking the name Sophie for
her. I bought  her a car seat and she came with us this
morning to deliver the kids to school. I am working from
home today and I took off tomorrow so we can have
some good bonding time and for her to get use to her
new atmospere. She did good last night, she woke up
about three times but I was able to hush her back to

She is doing beautifully. Potty training is going great.
She has gone on a lot of car rides.

You are not going to believe this but I put her in the crate
to go to bed at night as I don't want her to wander and
chew, the first night she cried a few times, 2nd night one
time, and she has not made a peep since. Last night we
were getting ready for bed and she went and got herself
into the crate already to go night night, she is so smart.I
will have Julia start dog obedience school with her over
the summer.

Well Sophie is a real doll and of course is part of our
family, she loves my mom and dad also. some days if
Jay and I are both not home she will spend the day at
my mom's and dad's house and loves to visit with their
dog. Take note in one of the pictures  we have even
braided her ears. Her one year birthday is coming up in
a few weeks and we plan to throw a party with all the
neighborhood kids. I will have to send you birthday
From Sue & Jaylon Stanfield:

Dear Cindy,
I want to take the time out to thank you for allowing my son
and me to purchase one of your beautiful pups. We
promise to abide by all your puppy rules and guidlines. We
look forward to meeting Kissy soon and can't wait for the
newest addition to our family. It is a pleasure doing
business with you.

Kissy is getting to know her new home very well, she runs
around and plays with the kids with no problem. Her sweet
little face makes me pick her up all the time. She has been
doing good with the puppy pads and wakes us up around
4am wanting company. Whick is ok because other than
that she sleeps in her area with no problems.

Here are some recent pictures of Kissy, last time she went
to the vet she weighed 9.25 Lbs. Yes, she is my little baby
I dress her up and take her out now. And people adore
her, sometimes they mistake her for another breed (I can't
remember which one) She is great with the kids and we
love having her in our family.
From Stacey and Frank Spinale:

We wanted to give you an update on your nephews..... Well,
we all made it through our first night together, The boys
settled in around 9:30 pm yesterday and pretty much slept
quietly through the night.I guess they also were tired out
from all the excitement and their new environment. It seems
that Napolean is Prince's big brother. Whatever and
wherever Napolean is at or doing Prince just has to be with
him (we think that's so sweet) God we were
able to get both of them, they really support each other.
Both have been eating and drinking well, no loss of appetite
or anything . Something funny though, I heard a little noise
this morning around 5 am and thought that it might be just
the wind, I looked in on the boys to find out that somehow
they pushed their playpen open and were out at the bottom
of my steps looking up at me, these little fur balls are very
smart, needlesss to say, tonight we'll be repositioning and
locking the We'll keep you posted on their
progress and send you out pictures soon .
Samantha Wells:

Well, Chip has been wonderful, using the pads and so
far not had any accidents. We put his blanket next to our
bed and he slept there for most of the night, he has been
drinking but didn't want to eat at all yesterday. Although
this morning he is up and about exploring our house and
eating. I took some photos yesterday I just need to down
load them and I'll send them to you.
Thank you again , this truely was the best experience we
have had in buying a puppy.
Samantha Wells

I took Chip (Miles) to the vet today, they thought he was
the cutest puppy they had seen, and they said he had
such a wonderful personality. He is now weighing 3 lbs 8
oz and is perfectly healthy.
We decided to name him Miles, and he follows me around
every where, even if I'm in another room and call him he
knows the sound of my voice and comes running. He has
continued to use the potty mat which I am so surprised
with as I thought I might have some work to do there with
him. I can't express how happy I am with Miles he is  truely
the perfect puppy. I said to my husband having other dogs
myself how different this breed seems, to the other breeds
of dogs I have been surrounded by. I don't think I can only
have one Shih Tzu and eventually when Miles has settled
in I would love to have a little friend for him. So I would
love to be updated on your future litters as there wouldn't
be any better place to find a friend for Miles