No Sew
Fast and Easy T-shirt for Your Dog
As a general rule I do not  dress up my dogs in clothes. Not because I do not believe
in it or don't like it, as a matter of fact I  think they can look quite adorable. But
recently after shaving down  one of my Tzus, I discovered he was cold and, his
comfort necessitated that he was covered. And since I did not have any t-shirts
handy, I had nothing to put on him. So I set about finding something he could use as
a t-shirt, and I wanted to it  to be fast and easy.

Here is what I came up with. I had  an old pair of pajama bottoms that were knit and
had a bit of stretch to it . I used the bottom half of the pant leg since it was
narrower. I measured my dog from the back of his neck to the length I wanted, in
this case it was 11 1/2 " and cut one of the pj's leg to that measurement. So,
essentially, I had a tubular piece of material.  
I determined what end of the tubular material would be used at his neck ( I chose
the narrower)Then I measured the distance from his neck to his  front legs, took
that same measurement and  I cut holes on the on each side for his legs. On the
part of the tubular material that would be worn on his underneath side, I cut a
"v"-shape to prevent him from urinating on his t-shirt.
I suppose if I had wanted to I could have finish all the edges, but I was in a hurry and
needed something real fast and easy. Just for reference, Rascal weighs 16 lbs, so
you may have to make minor adjustments if your Shih Tzu is smaller.
So now I'm on a roll wondering what else I could whip up
fast , easy and economical. I went to the infant section of
my local Walmart, and picked up this "T" for $3.00, size 0-3
months. Here is how I repurposed it for my dog.
Here is a front veiw
I wanted to experiment with a dress for my
female Shih Tzu. I went to my local thrift store
and bought this little infants dress in size 12
months, for only $1.75. My female weighs about 7
lbs so I did need to cut off some excess material
I finished the edges of the sleeves. Then I turned the
dress inside out. And I laid it out lengthwise. After
determining her chest measument I marked the dress and
sewed on the marked line.
First I cut the elastic off the sleeves
I cut bottom portion of dress. Cutting off the corner for a
neater fit. I angled the cut back from the seam
Dress with finished edge.
Jubee with her new dress
The following requires a little  sewing